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Artist Fran Joy Closing Reception at 1100 Florence


Artist and social activist Fran Joy will exhibit a body of work this January at 1100 Florence. Joy's new work focuses on the elements, fire, earth, air and water and what they mean in terms of interactive relations.

Join us for a closing reception Sunday, January 27, 12-4p, to hear how Joy put together this recent body of work.


Wednesday, January 16, 7-9p, join Joy for an intimate Energetic Dynamics workshop.

Discover and understand your basic energy and how it operates within you as well as how it interacts with others. Does it oppose some, conflict with others but work smoothly with a few? There are explanations to help you understand and manage how your energy relates to others. We each have elements that make up our constitution.

The solar system is full of knowledge and information that you can use as tools to gain a better understanding of life itself and your family, friends, associates and loved ones. You're born with certain elements that are also impacted by transits.

Fran Joy has 20 years experience in life and spiritual coaching to share and teach. This workshop is designed to provide attendees insight on their life and loved ones.

Please register early, as space and time will be limited. $50 per person and please email to register and reserve your space.

Learn more about Fran Joy at

Photo credit above: Chris Bradley