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Group Show: Trajectory : Process Revealed


Trajectory : Process Revealed

Seven friends on connection & the creative path

Opening Reception //  Friday, March 22, 6–8pm

Artists@Work // Saturday, March 23, 10am–2pm

Artists’ Debrief // Sunday, March 24, 3–4pm

Artwork by Leah Lemelin


Don Miner resides in Skokie but is from Evanston. He is writing a book. Very slowly, but it will get done. He works in a school serving troubled youth, not just because he loves these kids but also for the ease of access to copy machines in the event he can’t get a publisher.

Jayme Gualtier is a heavily tattooed, scooter-riding, music-loving, world-traveling, reclusive introvert who is fascinated by people and their stories. Her art is an ever-evolving conversation about the masks we all wear and what lies beneath them.

Leah Lemelin explores presence, awareness, and fragile human perception within the Transparency Collection, a growing body of artwork on transparent, breakable surfaces. The work is a layerable catalog of ephemeral connection and an offering of gratitude and reflection. It plays in this way of ‘seeing’ for all who engage with it.

Marjory Oliva has been making things her entire life, but it wasn’t until recently that she called herself an artist and built a studio in her basement. Marjory’s current work is acrylic and mixed media on canvas, though she is easily distracted by textiles, wood, and sparkly things. Marjory is fascinated by the power of color. Her favorite painting tools are credit cards and kitchen spatulas.

Matthew Huang Cummins is an engineer/artist/educator on a mission to expand curiosity and community through the wonders of geometry.  He is artist-in-residence at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago and teaches in the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern.
Peter Durand is a globetrotting visual artist who lives in Evanston. Born in Kenya and raised in Tennessee, he studied visual communications, painting, and printmaking in St. Louis, Paris, and Kraków, Poland. He will happily bounce on a trampoline when the opportunity presents itself.

Sarah Jolly is a part-time poet and a full-time student beginning to realize a body of written work in the space between past, present, and perfect.